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My Hawaiian Farm1
Also in 2005, the University of Hawai'i Press commissioned Pearl to illustrate The Hawaiian Bat 'Ope'ape'a book written by Marion Coste, with Science Advisor Theresa Cabrera Menard. The book can be purchased here.

Shy and solitary, the Hawaiian hoary bat is so rare that most people have never seen one. But if you are in the right place (the edge of a forest) at the right time (around sunset), you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one heading out to hunt for beetles and moths, its favorite foods. These and other fascinating details about the Islands' only native land mammal and bats in general can be found in this book. For example, did you know that; One fourth of all mammal species are bats; The phrase “blind as a bat” is inaccurate because bats have very good eyesight; Thanks to a special muscle reflex in their legs and feet, bats can hang upside down safely even when asleep; Far from being the frightening creatures of myth and legend, bats actually help humans by scattering seeds and pollen and eating insect pests.

Here is some of the artwork that went into the book.
Bat Cover
Luna's Prayer